Lorie Slater

I love using my photography to document places and things… especially in my favourite city and home… Toronto.  I do photograph outside of Toronto sometimes, but when I was 17, I stopped in this city for a one night lay over on my way to visit a friend… wow… I was hooked. I remember thinking, I need to come and live here… experience this everyday… it was a great dream… at 19 it came true… I came to go to college and never went back.

I’ve worked most of my life in the music industry, but after a couple of layoffs I thought it was time to pursue my passion… photography… I had been photographing for decades for my own enjoyment, so I decided to change it up and make photography my main living… it was tough at first so I fixed up and rented out my basement apartment as well as starting another company boarding dogs. I probably wouldn’t have taken the leap had I not been laid of… but it really was the best thing that could have happened to me.

I’ve taken a couple of night classes at Ryerson, but besides that I am self-taught… I love YouTube…the answers to [almost] every question in the universe certainly lies there.

Each of my photographs are limited editions of 25. I mount them on wood panels and then cover them in resin, as well, I print directly onto sheets of aluminum.