January’s feature artist exhibition is “Gracelands” by Rachelle Kearns.

January 3-30. A collection of mixed media abstract paintings.

Gracelands’ Artist Statement:

William Bridges in his book 'Transitions' talks about 'change' vs 'transition'. He says 'change' is situational; it's external. Moving to a new city, the birth of a new baby, the death of a loved one or a job change are all examples of this. But 'transition' is internal. It's psychological. It's not the events, but rather the inner re-orientation and self-redefinition that you have to go through in order to incorporate any of those changes into your life. Without a transition, a change is just a rearrangement of the furniture. Unless transition happens, the change won't work, because it doesn't 'take'. He says every transition involves 3 phases: an ending, a neutral period and a new beginning. The ending period involves letting go, the neutral period is a period of uncertainty and the new beginning is the 'new thing' that is to come. Change is fast, but transition is slow. 

Last year our family moved from Toronto to Austin. Currently, I'm in that 'neutral period'.  A period of uncertainty. And it's out of this place - physically, psychologically and spiritually that the concept of grace has resonated deeply. Grace is defined as an undeserved gift. And I've come to see that its ours for the taking, no matter the circumstance. How beautiful! I'm learning how to extend grace and also how to receive it, in all situations. Artistically, this means that I find myself more sensitive to the use of materials and the control of the form. There's a desire for purity which has led to reduction in my practice in an effort to get to the essence of the painting. This new series, 'Gracelands' pays homage to these revelations. 'Gracelands' is a series of abstract expressionistic landscapes dotted with unidentifiable 'lands', blurred horizon lines and emotional skies with specks of gold, silver and copper and a mish-mash of layered textures. Up close its hard to identify them as 'landscapes' but just like grace, its only when you step back and give yourself a little distance that you can see it from a completely new perspective. I'm committed to painting as exploration, translation and meaningful expression. I look forward to discovering the 'new thing' that is yet to come. My hope is that you'll join me in the new world that I feel inside me and endlessly pursue painting into reality.