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Amanda Braun "Finding Joy"

'My broken brilliance will shine a light in the darkness.' (Matt Hardy) 

Amanda Christina is a Stratford-based oil painter who strives to share her message of hope through each sparkle-filled canvas she creates.  

Looking beneath the surface of Amanda' s energetic light-filled pieces, you will find an artist that understands that our greatest joy is born from some of life's greatest struggles.

In 2010, Amanda suffered a crippling two-year battle with postpartum depression after the birth of her first child; it was throughout this experience that Amanda was forced to learn how to seek joy in every day moments, learning to cling to even the smallest glimmers of hope. 

"Finding Joy" is a collection of paintings that explores these moments of simple contentment, and seeks to stir those feelings within the viewer. 

Come join us at the opening reception for this new body of work, where Amanda will share more about her journey through postpartum depression and recovery. In addition, 10% of each piece sold on opening night will be generously donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association. 

Later Event: July 2