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Stephen Hawes

Stephen lives in Waterloo, Ontario where he makes pots, teaches classes and works as an occasional teacher. He took his first class in clay at the Waterloo Potters’ Workshop. He was hooked. Subsequently he took courses at Sheridan College, Sir Sanford Fleming College and has attended many workshops. 

 Since 1987, he has been making wheel-thrown and hand-built functional pottery. Through the use of colour and design, the pots Stephen makes are visually appealing.  Influences from his earlier career as a microbiologist are evident. Great pleasure is found with the use of his pottery. His pots feel comfortable in one’s hand. There is delight when one handles one of his bowls. A certain intimacy is felt as the lip of a cup touches the lips of the user. He makes pots that he hopes will make us slow down and enjoy the food or drink that they contain.

 He is a four-time recipient of the Craft Ontario Design Award. He is a member of the Waterloo Potters’ Workshop, A Mess of Potters and the Mary Allen Studio Tour. 

 His work is microwave and dishwasher safe.