Salvatore G. F. Crimi

Salvatore (Sal) was born and raised in the great city of Toronto, specifically the west end. Although being raised by the west, he now calls the east home for both work and residence. By day a civil servant with the City of Toronto, and by night a multi-disciplinary artist concerned with photography, artisan furniture/metal work, painting and sketching.

All disciplines he practices were first introduced in high-school and have now flourished into passions which serve as emotional outlets fostering personal growth. Photography has been a strong interest of his from the days of learning to capture images by using a pin-hole camera and successfully producing a multiple exposure photo, through intention. Also during his time in High-school Sal was exposed to Photoshop and fell in-love with its ability to interject deeper meaning into photographs. Since then artistic photography, or rather digital paintings as he calls them, have captivated his attention and have resulted in the Spark T.O. Series. With this body of work Sal is following in the footsteps of Harry Enchin and Alden Cudanin, with inspiration from Laurent Dequick and producing work which is connecting him with the City he loves and the people which make it so great. Since development has stripped the City of much of its cultural and physical history, Sal utilizes his work to help showcase the city's history and also serve as a lesson on what's possible with time.

Salvatore stays open to possibility and is excited by the future and the possibilities it holds, for his work and society.