Rachelle Kearns

Stimulated by study of abstract and lyrical expressionist art, Rachelle explores compositional drama with an emphasis on repetition and process in a graceful and convincing manner. Her paintings present a moment that resides somewhere between the real and the artificial – like the illusion of wind and light seen through closed eyelids. Her work displays an unerring sensitivity to line, color and form. Water becomes luminous bands of blues and greens, and light becomes overlapped and repeated circles of white, dancing intoxicatingly over the surface.

A long-time artist and philanthropist, Rachelle Kearns has passionately supported various art community and charitable endeavours. As a mother of two young children, the evils of child sex trafficking became very real to her and Rachelle was gripped by the need to put her values and compassion into action. In late 2010, the ‘Buy Art Not Kids’ Art Auction became the expression of that journey.

Rachelle received her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto with a specialist in Fine Arts and Art History as well as her Diploma in Art from Sheridan College. She is an accomplished artist exhibiting in Canada, the U.S. and Switzerland. Her work has graced the pages of ‘Canadian House and Home’ and ‘Style at Home’ magazines, the walls of Tiffany & Co. worldwide, and has been featured in Candice Olsen’s Divine Design television show (HGTV, W Network).