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Marjolyn Van der Hart

Marjolyn is an established Toronto based mixed media artist who’s work is based upon recognition of the constraints and demands of our modern identity. Using self exploration and historical references, these works create a universal experience. Each image creates a cluster of thoughts, a memory or idea that takes us into another place. This place references the past, as though to take us out of the uncertain/unknown present and into romantic glory days that creates a nostalgic twinge. Themes of home, independence, yearning for love and escape permeates the narratives. Each piece explores the search for connection and validation. This subjective representation drives the work. Yet the adaptation of the mid-century imagery enables the narratives to be easily accessed and understood. 

Stories develop by using found photos, vintage advertising, stills from classic films, music scores, and snippets of poetry. Narratives evolve as moments of images are placed together. As the images collage, stories present themselves and memory becomes a binding force.