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Lori Mirabelli

Lori Mirabelli is an abstract painter who is originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  Lori studied Psychology and Visual Art at the University ofLaurentian and went on to work in the Child Welfare field for 18 years.  Despite having a full time career, Lori continued to pursue her love of art and in 2009, she moved to Southern Ontario to focus more seriously on her art career.  Lori currently resides in a live/work studio in downtown Toronto, Ontario and in January 2017 she became a Full-time Artist.   

Lori Mirabelli has exhibited in a number of exhibitions locally. She has collaborated with Nuvango Art Gallery & Fashion Designer and is represented by PI Creative, Toronto, Koyman Gallery, Ottawa, and will soon be working with Karger Gallery in Elora.  Her paintings are in many private collections nationally and internationally. 


Lori Mirabelli is an Abstract Artist that works primarily with acrylic medium on canvas and mixed media on wood.  Her body of work is comprised of strong bold lines, and bold colour forms that are coupled with an emphasis on space. Lori’s art is created by adding layer after layer, covering up some areas and then carving into the work to reveal hidden surfaces in other sections. Each layer adds history and depth to work. 

Lori has admired Mid-Century modern design since a young girl and her work is a reflection of this. She aspires to remind us of the meaning behind the Mid-Century modern design movement.  At a time of hardship, despair, and minimal resources, society used innovative practical methods to rebuild itself. Modern design was a simplistic form that was honest and pure; the need to be flashy or expensive wasn't necessary for beauty. Artwork and design pieces created during this period, as a result, have remained timeless. She hopes to inspire people to live their lives with more truth, honesty, and values that were prevalent in the Mid-Century years. Artists that have influenced her work are Mondrian, Clifford Still, Robert Motherwell and Rothko.