Joya Paul

Joya Paul is a mixed media encaustic artist and is primarily self taught.  Encaustic is the ancient art form of painting with molten wax and pigments. Since embarking on a professional career in art since 2008, Joya has displayed her work in various galleries in Toronto and Oakville and has sold her work privately and through galleries to clients in Canada, the United States and Europe. Her influences on her work come from a deep appreciation of the symbolic messages within nature.  Her work is often described as dream-like and serene.  She wishes to continue the exploration of the subconscious mind in her art work. The spontaneous nature of the molten wax medium creates texture and mood with surprising and serendipitous results that are fascinating to observe as they evolve . Joya will often incorporate collage, image transfers, and inks into her paintings and more recently painting with pan pastels and oil paints directly on the encaustic surface.