Ivane Thiebaut

A recent newcomer to Canada, Ivane fully embraces her new landscape, icons and culture, drawing upon them for inspiration in her designs and jewelry.
Ivane Thiebaut is a designer, jewellery maker, and gemologist. Permanently based in Canada, she is originally from Paris, but grew up traveling the world (Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia and the US). Ivane’s training as a jeweller began at St Martins College in London, UK, where she was first introduced to silversmithing. Ivane is also a graduate and Fellow of the Gemmological Institute of Great Britain (GemA). 
Exposure to a multitude of cultures, colour palettes, along with her French heritage and her love for Canada, combine together and play an important role in her creative process. Every piece she creates is made with dedication and a love for beauty, for you to wear everyday, everywhere!

Be yourself, be unique, you are beautiful!