Exploring Oils for Adults


This course will introduce the basic concepts of oil painting and provide a solid background for further exploration.

 The classes will cover technical information, composition and space, as well as colour values. Beginning with simple studies, students will quickly progress to completed paintings in full colour. Opportunities to explore and examine new and varied subject matter will be provided, encompassing still life, landscape, portraits, and the human figure. Absolute beginners are welcome as well as artists wanting to take a fresh look at a new medium or perhaps pursue a new style.

  • Thursdays: 7-9pm

  • Teacher - Janet Hill

  • $265 + HST for 6 classes



Material list

  • Basic oil paint starter set available at all stores. (Basic colours: titanium white, red, blue, yellow). Can purchase a basic set of 6-12 paints.

  • Basic brush set varying sizes 4-6 brushes.

  • Linseed oil

  • Eco house citrus thinner available at deserres

  • Palette or white styrofoam tray

  • Solvent cup or small Tupperware to mix solvents. Please make sure it has a lid that closes

  • Rag for wiping brushes.

  • A palette knife is optional.

  • Canvas size 12x16 to start