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Chris Albert

“I like to stimulate people’s senses, photography isn’t just a picture of a place or of a person, it’s a medium to relate and tell a story. I worked to create my own approach to seeing my surroundings and subjects and expressing a vision in a distinct and personal way. I’m curious by nature, constantly looking for the unexpected angle, light and composition, moments where my wandering glance takes notice and I release the shutter. I see my work interpreting what’s around us as an emotional rendering rather than a physical one. Exploring our own souls through art is to give a new frame and a new meaning to the world that surrounds us.” 

“In my Abstract Realism series, I look for forms, movement and vibrancy, I explore the use of ideas or concepts through realism, and seek to reveal the relationship between photographic depiction and visual perception. Sometimes juxtaposing and sometimes layering to convey a thought or a statement, imagery can be a powerful channel to visually express an abstract contemplation.” 

I’m a self taught photographer, in 1986 I moved to Canada, my little hobby of photography became a passionate occupation, I got my own studio, downtown Toronto, and I began to photograph full time fashion and editorial photography professionally. 

The last 13 years I fully dedicated my time to fine art photography, my work has been exhibited in several Galleries in Toronto, and my works held in private and corporate collections.