Beginner Acrylic Class for Adults


This course for the novice acrylic painter will introduce students to the unique 'forgiving' qualities of acrylic paint and allow them to experiment with a variety of techniques.

 Start at the very beginning and learn about choosing paints and painting surfaces and how to make the most of your paint and brushes as you work. Basic colour theory and colour mixing will be explored as well as textures and techniques. Also incorporated drawing lessons on solid drawing and composition. Materials not provided. 

  • Materials not included, please see the list below.

  • Monday: 7-9pm

  • Jan 28 to March 4

  • Teacher: Julie Glaude

  • $265 + HST for 6 classes


Material List

These are suggested brands/companies but not the only ones, they sometimes have pre made sets of multiple colours. A special note to try and get professional quality paints and not student grade .

Suggested companies :

Golden heavy body
Liquitex heavy body
Windsor and newton

2 oz tubes
These are your basic colours , 3 primaries and black and white .

Titanium white
Medium(middle)  cadmium yellow
Cobalt blue ( deep hue)
Medium (middle) Cadmium red

Please feel free to get any additional colours if you would like for more exploring with colours such as :
Dioxazine purple
Phthalocyanine blue
Phthalocyanine green

Pencils -ideally any B pencil
Sketch book ( a min 8.5"X11")
Acrylic Paint brushes ( suggested nylon base)
#1 round
#6 round
1" flat brush
(feel free to buy any additional brushes in different sizes or hairs)
6 -11"x14" stretched canvases (3/4" Thick or more)
Two water containers to clean your brushes
Paint Palette (you could also buy a pack of  large paper plates to use and then through out at the end of each class)
Sponge (can be any clean cheap sponge)